Colloquium 22 May: Marc Bron on reusable tools for the humanities

marc-en-schaapAt the next Translantis/AsymEnc colloquium, Marc Bron (information and computing sciences, Utrecht University), will give a talk titled Exploration and contextualization: towards reusable tools for the humanities.

Date: Thursday 22 May, 15.30-17.00
Place: Muntstraat 2a (room 1.11), Utrecht


The introduction of new technologies, access to large electronic cultural heritage repositories, and the availability of new information channels continues to change the way humanities researchers work and the questions they seek to answer. In this talk Marc Bron will discuss how the research cycle of humanities researchers has been affected by these changes and argue for the continued development of interactive information retrieval tools to support the research practices of humanities researchers. Specifically, he will focus on two phases in the humanities research cycle: the exploration phase and the contextualization phase. In the first part of the talk he discusses work on the development and evaluation of search interfaces aimed at supporting exploration. In the second part of the talk he will focus on how information retrieval technology focused on identifying relations between concepts may be used to develop applications that support contextualization.


Upcoming colloquia are 26 June (Joanne van der Woude and Mark Thompson, University of Groningen) and 11 September (Hermione Giffard and Maarten van den Bos, Utrecht University).