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DH colloquium on 7 May: Nees Jan van Eck (CWTS, Leiden University)

At the next Digital Humanities colloquium, Nees Jan van Eck (Centre for Science and Technology Studies, Leiden University) will talk about software tools for bibliometric analysis of scientific publications – in particular the tools VOSviewer and CitNetExplorer, which Van Eck co-developed.

Date: Thursday 7 May, 15.30-17.00
Place: Janskerkhof 13 (room 0.06), Utrecht

VOSviewer and CitNetExplorer: Software tools for bibliometric analysis of scientific publications

Nees Jan van Eck (CWTS, Leiden University)

In this talk, an introduction is given into two software tools that have been developed for bibliometric analysis of scientific publications: VOSviewer (www.vosviewer.com) and CitNetExplorer (www.citnetexplorer.nl). VOSviewer is a popular tool that can be used for visualizing bibliometric networks of citation relations between publications, authors, and journals. In addition, the tool can be used for creating so-called term map visualizations based on a text mining analysis of the titles and abstracts of publications. The most important terms occurring in titles and abstract are identified and the co-occurrence relations between these terms are visualized. CitNetExplorer is a tool for the visualization and analysis of citation networks of scientific publications. The tool can be used to explore in detail how publications build on each other, as indicated by citation links. It is also possible to drill down into specific areas within a citation network, making it possible to perform micro-level analyses of the development of a particular area of research. In this talk, special attention will be paid to possible applications of VOSviewer and CitNetExplorer in humanities research, focusing in particular on the use of advanced text mining, network analysis, and visualization techniques for analyzing large quantities of textual data.

Nees Jan van Eck is a researcher at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) of Leiden University. His research focuses on the quantitative analysis of scientific research based on large amounts of bibliographic data and using sophisticated techniques from fields such as network analysis, statistics, and machine learning. Together with his colleague Ludo Waltman, Nees Jan has developed the VOSviewer and CitNetExplorer tools.


Thursday 7 May, 15.30-17.00, Janskerkhof 13 (room 0.06), Utrecht

The Digital Humanities colloquia are organized by the digital humanities research projects Translantis – Digital Humanities Approaches to Reference Cultures: The Emergence of the United States in Public Discourse in the Netherlands, 1890-1990 (www.translantis.nl) and Asymmetrical Encounters: Digital Humanities Approaches to Reference Cultures in Europe, 1815–1992 (www.asymenc.eu).